Microsoft Exploring Usage Of ChatGPT In Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

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Microsoft is reportedly thinking about adding OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to its popular workplace software application, including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Users of Microsoft 365, previously called Workplace, might soon be able to utilize the software application to create text with simple prompts, an unnamed source informs The Information.

This move has the prospective to improve performance and efficiency by enabling users to perform tasks more quickly and properly.

One of the highlights of OpenAI’s chatbot innovation is its ability to help users with language processing.

For instance, in Microsoft Word, ChatGPT might assist users compose more properly and with fewer mistakes by recommending alternative words and phrases as they type.

It could likewise summarize long documents and highlight bottom lines, making it easier for users to understand and analyze details.

Microsoft might employ ChatGPT in Outlook to compose replies to emails or summarize e-mail threads.

It seems like an advantage to productivity. However, including ChatGPT into Microsoft software provides several difficulties and issues.

Microsoft’s engineers and scientists have been working on establishing tailored AI tools for composing e-mails and documents for more than a year, according to the report. They accomplish this by utilizing OpenAI’s machine-learning designs on consumers’ private information.

Engineers are stated to be figuring out ways to train the models utilizing customer information with no of it being exposed to other customers or used for dubious functions.

They’re likewise aiming to minimize errors, potentially driving consumers far from Microsoft’s popular software.

Microsoft workers tell The Information the business has strong prepare for utilizing AI to improve its currently robust productivity applications.

Sources say Microsoft is dealing with integrating OpenAI’s language-understanding model, GPT, to use more reliable search results page when Outlook clients look for information in their inboxes.

For instance, it might permit customers to search for e-mails using prompts rather than typing in the specific words from the e-mail.

Using ChatGPT to return search results in Outlook could be an early take a look at how Microsoft will include the innovation into Bing.

Last week, The Details reported Microsoft prepares to enhance its Bing search engine with expert system from ChatGPT in an update launching as early as March.

There is no timeline for when Microsoft might upgrade its productivity software with OpenAI’s chatbot technology.

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